Our Philosophy



Design + Engineering

Our product thesis is rather simple, we look for needs in the financial and healthcare industries  that are identified by the following criteria:

1. Complexity: We look for evidence of complexity by the manifestation of frustration and confusion.

2. Simplified by a List: We look for practical situations where a short list of items, names, or details can lead to a better understanding of a complex situation or task, which in turn leads to a decision or an action that improves an outcome for the individual or team.

3. Improved by Communication: In most cases, frustration occurs when we don’t understand something. By improving communication at key moments, understanding can be increased and value can be created.

We Look and Listen for Situations Characterized by Complexity, Leading to Frustration

We seek to provide useful applications that simplify lists and improve communication. We believe this intersection is where significant, outsized value is created for our users, our sponsors, and, as a result, ourselves.

We’re big fans of micro-SaaS. To us it means small, simple initial products that can be designed and built by just a few people in a few months. Similar to prototyping, but one step further, we aim to produce a usable product that solves a single problem or satisfies a single need.

Speed is our friend. It allows us to test multiple hypotheses while gaining the greatest amount of insights. By prioritizing learning and user value, we are able to keep our investments modest and monetizable within the first year.

The truest test of a product happens on the checkout page. This feedback will guide our future investments, either in what we have already built or in the next product experiment.

We Are Building a Portfolio of Products

We are creating a portfolio of products. Using the micro-SaaS strategy, we plan to rapidly iterate through a series of ideas and experiments. We’ll get feedback from how well each product does in the market.

We think that one or more of these micro-SaaS products will emerge with a larger following and we may then decide to invest more in sales, operations, and scale for that product. Over time we plan to develop a growing portfolio of profitable products.

A live video app that connects a broker to an employee at the point of frustration or key financial decision.

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