A New Type of

SaaS Company

We’re creating micro-SaaS applications for the finance and healthcare communities.

Our philosophy

We Provide Applications that Simplify and Improve Communication

We believe this intersection is where significant, outsized, value is created for our end users, our sponsors, and as a result ourselves.

Our Products & Projects

Product Development

We’re big fans of micro-SaaS. To us it means small, simple initial products that can be designed and built by just a few people in a few months.

A live video app that connects a broker to an employee at the point of frustration or key financial decision.

Our Story

Connected Through Software, Technology, and Design

Our founders, Jessica, Greg, and Shawn, are three friends who worked together designing and building software for the financial and insurance benefits industries.

Get In Touch

Whether you have a product idea in mind, want to learn more about our company, want to join our team, or have general questions—Please reach out.